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Do you know what to look for in your flat iron?

Shopping for the right hair tools can be a bit tedious but we are here to give you a few guidelines to go by to get the best out of your purchase. Here are a few things to consider before buying your next flat iron:

  1. Price

Flat irons con range from a multitude of different prices. Just like with anything you purchase, factoring in your price range and preferences is a very important step. Depending on your price preferences, you can opt for a flat iron that is lower in price. Some flat irons can even cost as low as $20! So if you just need a quick fix on a low budget, a cheaper flat iron may be the choice for you. However, by opting for a cheaper flat iron, you may also be sacrificing the quality. Although higher end flat irons may be a bit on the pricey side, they are higher quality, which ultimately means that they work faster and more effectively, and will leave your hair with less damage and breakage than the cheaper options.

2. Shape

Choosing the right shape of your flat iron is also a huge factor in picking the flat iron that is perfect for you! Depending on your hair type, your hair needs, and the overall style that you are trying to achieve, the shape of your hair straightener can play a huge role. If the edges of your straightener are more sharp and precise, this will give you a straighter hair look. If the edges of your flat iron are more rounded, this will make it easier for you to curl your hair with the straightener if that is the look you are going for!

3. Plate Width/Size

Depending on the thickness of your hair, you'll probably want to consider the size and/or width of the plates of the flat iron you will be purchasing. For thicker, longer hair, wider plates will definitely be your best friend. Wider plates gather more hair and straighten your hair more easily in just a few passes. Wider plates can also reduce damage for people with thicker hair textures. For shorter, thinner hair, a more narrow plate flat iron will often times work better. Narrow plates gather less hair while also applying less heat which is great for a finer, and possibly over processed/damaged hair type. Wider plates can measure to around 1 to 11/2 inches, and narrow plates are usually about half an inch wide.

4. Type of Plates

There are a two different types of plates when it comes to flat irons: Titanium plates and Ceramic plates. Titanium plates heat up very quickly and stay consistently hot during the entire use. This also allows for the titanium plates to apply higher temperatures more evenly. Ceramic plates heat up evenly and offer a heat that is suitable for most hair textures. Ceramic plates also do not have any "cool spots" unlike a lot of other flat irons, which allows you to achieve a more even straightening job. Titanium plates are often better suited for thick, coarse hair, and ceramic plates are often better suited for fine, thin hair.

5. Temperature

Last but not least, and probably on of the most important factors when shopping for a flat iron, is the temperature. The thickness, texture, and health of your hair can determine which temperature of flat iron will be best for you. For thicker and coarser hair textures, flat irons with a higher heat setting may be more ideal. As for finer, thinner hair textures, flat irons with a lower heat setting are definitely more ideal for this type of hair as it will reduce the amount of heat damage that can be caused by higher temperatures. However, most flat irons do have adjustable heat settings, so depending on your hair thickness and texture, please remember to always set your flat iron temperature to a setting that works for YOUR hair!

Here are some brand recommendations based on my experience as Professional Hairstylist:

  • CHI

  • FHI

  • ION (Sally's Beauty)

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