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Haircare: Using your Danified Hair Tools

Let's help you decide what Shop Danified tools will work best for you.

  • Gold Rush Brush: Its goal is to ease your mind about wrapping your hair or extensions at night. Our Gold Rush Brush can also be used for detangling hair that is fine to medium textures as well.

  • Detangler Brush: For thicker textured hair our detangler brush is great for of course detangling.

  • Luxe Comb Set: Three combs with three different functions. Rattail comb is great for parting. Multipurpose Comb: Use to get flawless silk press using the comb over flat iron method. Feathered Comb: Great for feathering or combing through curls.

  • Luxe Clip Set: Our rose gold plated clip set has dimensional usage and includes 10 pincurl clips and four wrapping clips. Pincurl clips are great for pincurling and the larger clips are good for assisting with wrapping or sectioning your hair for styling.

Only Pincurl clips pictured

Satin Luxe Bonnets: Great if you like to wrap or pincurl your hair for your bedtime regime.

Extended Satin Bonnet: For the babes who have protective styles like long braids or hair extensions and prefer to let their hair hang for bedtime while still being protected.

Spray Hair Mister: Great tool to have to mix your haircare products in like our Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner and water if you like to dilute your hair products. Using the mister will give you a finer mist but wider coverage which will help your save on product usage. (not pictured)

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