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Love Bombed: Valentine's Day Essentials

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Roses, hearts, gifts, love and sexy are all words that come to mind when Valentine's Day starts to come around. If you have a Valentine or not, celebrating your sensual side should be on the menu. Here are some tips to keep it flirty this love season:

Feeling sexy is high on the list! No other way to get into your groove other than sexy, grown woman wardrobe pieces. It doesn't matter if you don't have a date this year make sure to cherish you. Plan a staycation at home, an airbnb or a hotel. Don't forget the lingerie!

Now that you have your outfit, what to do with your hair? Depending on your style you have many options. Take a look at our suggestions for inspiration:

Half Up Half Down Voluminous Curls Sexy Bun

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Finish your look off with a sexy shoe to compliment your V-day vibes.

Did somebody say date night? Or maybe date weekend? Whatever tone you want to set I'm sure you have many options < Drinks with friends < Dinner for two < Staycation. Whatever you chose make sure its a moment of enjoyment. You deserve it!

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