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NYE 2023: What are you going to wear?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Can you believe it's already about to be 2023? Since Covid happened in 2020 there's this feeling like we haven't been able to fully celebrate NYE like we used to but not this year. We all going to go all out. No matter where you plan to go, don't forget to always dress to impress. Here is a few suggestions for the babes trying to go out with a bang impression.

Conservative Hottie: Sexy but covered. These looks will sure get the heads turning at your NYE event. Pair these looks with some new heels and a cute bag will set these looks on fire.

Risky Hottie: Whew! The babes who like to dress risky in their attire but still can remain sexy for New Year's Eve. These beauties live out loud and is not afraid to show it. Definitely a head turner when you walk in a room.

Alternative Hotties: They are a mix between our two previous babes but still like to set the trend. They don't go with the tradition New Year's Eve fashion. They like to keep everyone on edge and what they will do. Never scared to take a fashion chance. Let's ditch the dresses.

This are just a few suggestions to get you started. I'm sure whatever you chose to wear, you will exuberant confidence and elegancy. Check out our blog on 2022 holiday hair (click here) to help complete your look. NYE is the time top shine (literally). Cheers to your upcoming 2023~

All fashions powered from SHEIN and Fashionova


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