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Quick styling options when your hair is oily

We know that in between time of your next hair appointment can be a bit of a wait. Most people don't know what to do with their hair during that time. Here are 3 quick styling options while you wait!

  1. Buns, Buns, Buns

When in doubt, BUN IT OUT! No matter if your hair is super oily at the moment, if you can't figure out what hairstyle to do for that upcoming party or event, or even if you just need a quick and easy look because you only have 10 minutes to get ready... Buns are ALWAYS the way to go! High buns, low buns, 2 buns, sleek buns, any type of bun is such an effortlessly gorgeous look the saves time while also making you look amazing! Just figure out which bun look works best for you, and ROCK that bun (or buns) til you can't rock it no more!

Check out this video from Claire Fendy using a loose wave bundle to create a natural looking fuller bun:

2. Braids

Looking for a cute style in a pinch? Consider braids as your next hairstyle option! When it comes to figuring out hairstyles for your oily hair... these braids, also known as Cornrows, are definitely an easy, yet beautiful option. Learning how to do cornrows on yourself is easy! And once you get the hang if it, you'll want to do them all the time! I know many people struggle with braiding so I figured I'd find a Braid tutorial for your from Rekik N: This tutorial is beginner friendly. Practices makes perfect, so give it a few tries.

3. Caps/Hats

Hands down, hats are most definitely one of the easiest ways to combat your oily hair on those days where you just can't figure out what to do with that greasy hair of yours! Simply just putting on a hat, a cap, or a beanie can take you from looking greasy, to looking FABULOUS! So go ahead and find your favorite hat, cap, or beanie, throw that bad boy on, and slay the day! This baddie hats are courtesy of:

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