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Trendy Hair: Top 3 hairstyles for the 2022 Holiday season

Holiday seasons are upon us and amongst other stressors you are probably wanting to look your best as well. Looking your best not only applies to your wardrobe but also to your tresses. We have curated our top three hair trends for the 2022 holiday season: Take a look!

  1. Bobs

Short cut bobs, long bobs, shaggy bobs, blunt bobs, whichever bob style suits you best, just know that bobs always have been, and always will be a go-to style! Bobs are such an easy, effortless, and gorgeous way to style your hair all year round. A Bob can instantly add a chic, glamorous, and sophisticated element to any look! No matter what your hair type is, there is aways a bob style that can best suit you!

Stylist: Anthony Cuts

2. Sleek Ponytails

Whether its a low sleek pony, a mid sleek ponytail, or a high sleek pony with face framing pieces... sleek ponytails are definitely all the rage this holiday season! Sleek ponytails give such a classy and elegant look that takes such little time and effort to achieve.

Check out: KillaKryss on IG

3. Curtain Bang Layered look

And last, but certainly not least, on our list is the ever so loved look of the Curtain Bang layers! A curtain bangs is such a sexy and timeless look! The effortlessness of a long, tapered layered cut gives this style a ton of body and volume that is sure to "WOW" anyone who sees it. Trust us... you'll definitely be receiving more compliments than you even know how to handle with this hairstyle!

Stylist: Unknown


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