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Whew Chile, experiencing dry hair in the winter months?

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

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Let's talk about it.....

No matter if you are rocking your natural tresses or have them put away in a protective style, there is always a way to put that little TLC back into your hair so it can flourish. Moisture imbalance can be a big issue when you are on your healthy hair journey. Dry tresses causes more split ends, loss of natural curls and creates harder manageability for you.

The main reason why your hair gets so dry during the winter time is due to the lack of moisture in the air during this season. Fortunately, there are many ways to combat this hair crisis by doing a few simple things!


Here is a list of solutions to maximize your moisture levels in your tresses:

  1. Don't forget your water! Staying hydrated not only helps your hair but also is great at keeping your body performing at its optimal level.

2. Wear a hat: Especially when it is windy outside, help contain some of your hairs moisture by wearing a hat. The brisk air is really drying so it's easy for the weather to strip your hairs natural oils.

3. Minimize your shampooing: We love clean hair but if your normal routine is weekly possibly stretching your sessions out to two weeks will help. Your natural oils are going to be your best friend in this dry season.

4. DEEP CONDITIONING! Great addictive to your hair routine. Recommended once a month but always follow the manufacturer directions. Try our Co-Silkening Conditioner that has dual usage as an instant or deep conditioner. Just apply, add a cap and process under a hood dryer or steamer for about 15-20 mins.

5. Add natural oils: Most hair textures produce their own natural oils but sometimes your hair may need some additional aides. Always follow the manufacturers directions when using any products to make sure you reap the full benefits. Have you tried our Anti-Itch Grow Me Oil? Concentrated hair oil to add to your daily regime. This oil can also be used for hot oil treatments for dry scalp.

Keep in mind there can be other factors that contribute to dry hair but adding these tips can help maximize your moisture balance. Hair is an intricate thing, different textures require different responsibilities. Make sure to explore all options and when in doubt don't hesitate to seek out a beauty professional. Winter ends around March 20th, hang in there.


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