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           Danie is a licensed Cosmetologist with more than 20 years experienced. She is timely and efficient when it comes to providing top tier hair services. Danie not only cares about your tresses but also about your wellness. When you sit in her chair be prepared for a jaw dropping transformation! You will get a super boost in confidence and the knowledge to get your tresses on the right track and reach your hair goals. 
           The Danified suite is currently located inside Salon Studios Midtown in Atlanta, GA. Danie has created a chic, private space where her clients can feel the luxury they deserve and know that they are in the hands of a stylist who genuinely cares. She strives on making sure her client to stylist relationship is built on trust. She respects her clients’ time and works diligently to get each client in & out in a timely fashion. Experience, dedication, care, commitment and communication truly represent all things Danified. Book your appointment today so you too can become apart of the Danified vibe! Let's create your hair goals!

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