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SelfCare: Entrepreneur Care Workbook

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Either you handle self-care on your own or your body will do it for you.

This is the topic that most people won't address because we are such a "Hustle culture". It's all good until a burnout happens, then what do you do? You get to the point of agitation and how do you plan on handling business effectively then?

It is 2023 and we are taking charge of ourselves with heavy focus on the "mentally" because in order to sustain being a successful entrepreneur you have to be intentional. I use that word ALOT because in this lifetime of hustle and bustle we have to make sure we are staying ahead and doing our best to predict outcomes so we know how to handle things when they arise. Although we know that everyone's journey is prewritten before we were even born, we still need to do what we can to control what we can.

I created a workbook for you to start your journey off right and considering its a new year creating new habits are important for your progression as a growing stylist brand. Let's start this journey together.

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